We use our teeth multiple times in a day, they take a lot of abuse
So for obvious reasons they require some maintenance, but why do we still fear to visit dentist?Why we wait till problem aggravates or reaches to its worst?

If you can relate to questions above you are not alone. If problems are caught early solutions are easy and quick.

So if you haven’t visited your dentist for long time this article may help you to pinpoint reason which is holding you back.

1. Cost

One of the most common reason people stay away from dentist is because of hefty cost. However it is important to note that dentistry is not expensive but neglect is.

You need to understand the more you delay your dental visits more your expenses increases. A small cavity left unchecked becomes deeper giving you pain discomfort. People take over the counter medicines for reducing pain, somehow spending more money on that. Medicine can give temporary relief but in most cases cannot cure your dental problems. Remember, teeth problems never get solved by themselves. Visiting your dentist regularly saves your money in long run.

2. Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety or Dentophobia is fear of visiting dentist. Many fear even with mere sight of dental chair or instruments. People avoid visiting dentist fearing they might get bad news about their teeth or oral health and have to go for long multiple dental treatment, which might be painful and frightening involving scary dental instruments. Some people are afraid of needles, drills, sharp instruments kept at dental chair assuming they might get hurt from that. While for others fear derives from sound or sensation of practice. Some suffers from state of humiliation and distress when dentist work on their mouth as they are not able to maintain expected oral hygiene.

Fortunately with advances in dentistry long painful appointment is yesterday’s thing. Best approach is to talk to your dentist about fears and discomfort you have for comfortable dental procedures.

3. Bad Dental Experience

A previous bad experience with dentist plays hand in hand with dental anxiety. Some were left with bad taste in mouth, painful experiences , treatment lasted longer than expected, problem didn’t get resolved even after complete treatment are few complains among many others. Many fear develops during childhood, a bad overall experience can despise dental appointments.

If possible talk to your dentist about your experience, it will make you more confident once you are assured

Sometimes people are just too lazy or busy in their regular routine that they easily ignore there dental visits. Dental visit won’t last longer if you get dental check-up in regular intervals. The best approach is Preventative dentistry, it makes your visits to the dentist as short, inexpensive, painless and as comfortable as possible.

Now once you understand reason for all those skipped appointments, you can start to overcome your dental anxiety and consult your dentist for regular check-ups and treatments required as your oral health reflects your overall health.

Until the next time
– SmyleXL