Dental problems are constantly on the rise due to modern lifestyle, food habits, lack of time for taking proper dental care and busy lifestyles. In such scenario it becomes extremely important to take care of your dental and oral health. Here are five simple routine dental hygiene tips that can help you to keep your mouth clean, hygienic and cavity free.


1. Proper Brushing – Proper tooth brushing is extremely important. Improper or wrong tooth brushing is as good as not brushing your teeth at all. Here is our video on ‘How to brush your teeth properly’ – Also, remember to brush your teeth before going to bed. We eat different types of food throughout the day and it becomes important that you make your mouth plaque-free before going to bed otherwise the plaque along with cavity causing bacteria’s get lot of time during your sleep to damage your teeth surface (enamel) and start the decay.


2. Floss Is Equally Important – Dental floss is actually an integral part of routine oral hygiene. If you don’t floss your teeth, you leave around 35% of teeth surfaces unclean. Regular use of dental floss is very important to keep good dental health. Learn the technique from your dentist and start flossing regularly.


3. Remember Your Tongue – Every time you brush your teeth, you must clean your tongue as well because plaque can accumulate on your tongue too and this can lead to bad breath and at the same time the plaque eventually damages the teeth and causes teeth cavities.


4. Use Fluoride Toothpaste And Mouthwash – Fluoride has very high anti–cavity causing properties. A good fluoride toothpaste and regular use of fluoride mouthwash can help you to prevent the tooth decay to a very high extent. You can ask your dentist about the right fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash to be used.


5. Say No To Tobacco – Tobacco in any form like gutkha, smoking, reverse smoking etc. not only damages your teeth but also affects the soft superficial layer (mucosa) of your cheeks, tongue and lips. This can lead to simple discolouration of the mucosa to even oral cancer. Remember, India has 86% of oral cancer cases in the world. So ensure not to have any tobacco addiction.

Following the five daily routine hygiene tips and visiting your dentist regularly every six months will help you to maintain very good dental and oral health because your oral health is actually your overall health.

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