Many people loose their teeth due to aging, accident, cavities, poor oral hygiene. People don’t realize importance of teeth until they loose it. It’s very essential to replace missing teeth in order to perform normal chewing functions and maintain structural integrity of your face. To treat a missing tooth, there are two main options available:
– Dental Implants
– Dentures

Let’s see the difference between two


1. Fixed and removable

Dental implant is a artificial tooth which is placed in your jaw surgically to replace the missing tooth. It is a fixed prosthesis which cannot be removed by patient.
Denture is an artificial prosthesis which is placed on the gums and can be removed anytime by patient. No surgical treatment is required for denture.

2. Bone Resorption

Dental implants imitates the original tooth roots. As the implant is now acting as a natural root , process of bone resorption is under control , acting as a defence for your bones to deteriorate.
Dentures are not integrated into the roots but positioned above the gums. Hence, they cannot stop bone quality to decrease which lead to further deterioration of facial structure.

3. Comfort

Dental Implants are fixed firmly to the gums and resembles closest to natural tooth. It feels and looks like natural tooth and helps restore normal chewing capacity helping patient to eat whatever they want.
In case of dentures they can feel unnatural or fake, it can sometimes come lose, slip out of place, or fall out completely making it embarrassing. Dentures doesn’t give liberty to eat all kind of food and can affect your ability to experience full taste of food.

4. Cleaning

Dental Implant is fixed in its position. therefore, it is not needed to take out the implant from mouth, specifically for cleaning. Regular cleaning and brushing is good enough for maintenance.
A denture is required to be taken out of the mouth for cleaning and maintenance purposes regularly.

5. Strength

Dental Implants are strongest form of tooth replacement available.Thus, it is highly unlikely for the implants to break, so they don’t need to be replaced .
Denture can break easily when dropped on floor. It has to be replaced in few years as they tend to become loose. Although initial cost of denture is low but it has to replaced while dental implant is a lifetime investment

Though at the end both of these options can restore a seamless appearance to your smile by replacing missing teeth with artificial teeth.However, only dental implants can provide fully restored strength and function to your smile. So whenever you need to replace missing teeth, consult with an experienced dentist to determine best option for your smile.
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