Many times it happens that many patients are unhappy with their dental experience and they wonder why I could not find the right dentist. There are many reasons why patients land up in the wrong place. Here are the marketing gimmicks which pulls you, sometimes in the wrong place.


1. Great marketing, bad work – Many dentist are very good when it comes to marketing but treating patient is a completely different ball game and the clinical skills varies from dentist to dentist. However because of The polished marketing, patients do not come to know about the clinical expertise of the dentist and may land up choosing the wrong one.


2. Overpromising and underperforming – Because the dentist do not want to loose the patient, they sometimes land up overpromising the patient about the treatment or the long term results. They me understand the limitations of any particular dental problem or sometimes the prognosis or any specific dental issue that cannot be solved up to the perfection or patient satisfaction. However because they don’t want to loose the patient, they overpromise you and in the end of the treatment the patient is not happy and dentist give reasons why treatment could not be done at its best. It’s a complete lose – lose situation.


3. Show off only – Sometimes patients get impressed by the showoff e.g. clinic facility, smart staff or sweet tongue etc and they fall for such traps and fail to understand that the quality of dental treatment is equally or probably more important as well. They land up saying YES to the wrong practice and are left unhappy in the end.


4. Fake online reviews and ratings – In this 21st century, entire world is online and majority of us go to online reviews and ratings before we finalise where to go. It applies to everything – from restaurants to movies and from buying clothes to visiting a dentist. As a patient it is important that before selecting your dentist you should go through the online reviews thoroughly and you can understand the difference between genuine and fake reviews. Every online review May not be necessarily a genuine review so beware of this.


5. Great communication but misguiding one – Few dentist communicates very well and they have very good convincing skills. Unfortunately they use it to convince you either for unnecessary treatments. Although this is very rare but something which is unnecessary should not happen with you as a patient. And you should know properly before you say yes to your dentist.

We hope that the above marketing gimmicks will be help you to understand how to choose the right dentist. After all it is your dental and oral health which is the foundation of your overall health and you must do this selection properly. We wish you Great Dental experience.

Until the next time
– SmyleXL