Are you planning for a big event? Have you done all the preparations – Clothes, accessories, footwear, presentations, makeup, smile?  Wait! What?  Smile? Have you ever noticed are you smile-ready for your big day or event? Even after all the amazing preparations you have done, do you still feel conscious to face camera or people? Can having beautiful smile make you more confident and ready? Then getting a smile makeover is the option for you… Here are the occasion you should get a smile makeover

1. Wedding

So it’s your big day, with so much to prepare, perpetual visits for shopping, wedding planning, salons etc. Have you thought about your smile makeover? Smile is the First and most important thing someone notice on person’s face and it cannot be corrected on time with any kind of Makeup. So it’s always advisable to get your smile corrected when you have enough time in your hand. Perfect smile is what everyone desire on their special days.

2. Photographs

Show your pearly whites on those insta-worthy pictures. Be it your pre wedding photo shoot or just a fun trip. Remember your pictures are going to be your memories; it will stay with you forever.

3. Corporate Events or Family Functions

You have a big event coming up, with thousands of people around you, make your smile your asset. Who won’t want to be remembered for a great confident smile?

4. Job interview

Make a great first impression with brilliance of your smile. Your smile shows your inner confidence. And may be the chances of getting job will get brighter with a bright smile.

5. Personality Makeovers

If you are planning to get a makeover, smile designing is a thing for you. It not only gives you a different look but also gives addition to your personality by having a perfect smile.

So how to get that perfect smile?

There are many options to get a perfect smile, and all the options can be adopted as per your need.

1. Teeth cleaning: Getting your teeth cleaned is basic at same time most essential too, it provides you with cleaner teeth also helps in getting rid of bad breath.

2. Bleach : Bleaching makes your teeth whiter giving you a more brighter smile.You are going to have plenty of opportunities to smile in all the events you will be attending , let your personality shine through  with bright attractive smile.

3. Teeth alignment: Do you have crooked teeth? do u feel conscious or smile less because of that ? you wanted to get it corrected but you feel it’s too late now ?don’t worry, there is still solution available for  your last moment correction, you can opt for veneers or laminates which give you aligned teeth in matter of few days. It will give you confident smile to face people and camera.

4. Tooth jewellery: Let your teeth shine like a diva when you are shining too. Tooth jewellery is usually a diamond or crystal sticked on your front teeth. It’s perfect when u want to look different from the crowds.

Visit your dentist soon to make your presence more memorable in all the big occasions.

Until the next time
– SmyleXL