Bad Breath Treatment in Viman Nagar

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Bad Breath Treatment in Viman Nagar

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis can be caused by many factors. The most important being improper oral hygiene. If you don’t brush regularly twice a day and floss regularly, the food particles tend to stick on your teeth and gums which when acted upon by the oral bacteria causes infection. This infection might lead to a bad breath problem. Other than that, there are certain medical conditions like diabetes, acidity and kidney troubles which might also contribute in developing a bad breath.


How can I get rid of my bad breath?

Bad breath can be treated by oral prophylaxis done by a dental surgeon. Oral prophylaxis is a routine dental procedure to keep your teeth and gingiva clean and healthy. In common terms it is known as scaling because it is done with instruments which are named as ultrasonic scalers, specifically designed for this purpose. If you are suffering from a bad breath problem, visit us at SmyleXL and get rid of the embarrassments in public.


Is oral prophylaxis a painful procedure?

No, oral prophylaxis is not at all a painful procedure.


What is the cost for getting a bad breath treatment?

A bad breath treatment can cost you between 800k to 2k, depending upon your oral health.

A bad breath problem is not just about the oral health, but affects your overall personality. When speaking in public, if you are having a bad breath problem, you either try to speak less or cover up your mouth while speaking. That affects your personality in a negative way. It is also very embarrassing to speak to someone when you have a bad breath. So, you should get it treated at the earliest. If you are suffering for any such problem, without any second thought, book an appointment with us at SmyleXL, the one stop solution for all your dental problems. We are looking forward to serve you with the best treatment in town.