As practicing dentists we see this many times that few patients leave their dental treatment midway and incomplete. But it’s important to understand that half treatment done is like no treatment done.

The commonest reasons for this are:-
1.  No pain – Many times once you start the treatment, the pain subsides and once the pain is gone, patients don’t give proper attention or importance to complete the treatment

  1. 2.  Ignorance – Many times, after visiting your dentist and taking medicines temporarily solves the dental issue and you ignore it till future toothache.
  2. 3.  Misunderstanding – Many patients think that once the pain is gone, there’s no need to visit dentist for further treatment.



In case of teeth cavities, if u leave the treatment midway, the decay is allowed to progress and it may lead to a chronic infection which will then require a more invasive root canal to effectively treat it. Infection that’s left untreated can not only spread to gums and bone, it can also result in tooth loss. The treatment again will require longer duration, increased pain and cost increases too. Many people complete their root canal, but doesn’t give importance to crown . But without crown, root canal treatment is incomplete as teeth may fracture, which may lead to loss of teeth.

If braces treatment of children is left midway, it will eventually cause your teeth to come back to position where they were or even become more crooked. In such cases patient have to repeat treatment all over again. So it’s always advisable to complete your treatment in one go.

People remove their teeth and don’t replace them in time. In such cases, it becomes difficult to replace the lost teeth after years and then patient have to go for compromised treatment again.

So the bottomline is – never leave your dental treatment incomplete as t’ll eventually result in bigger treatment, more number of appointments and obviously more cost. So follow your dentist’s instructions properly and complete your treatments in time to have pleasurable dental experience.

Until the next time

– SmyleXL