Dental Implant in Viman Nagar

Closing the Gap with Dental Implants

If you are looking to get a dental implant in Viman Nagar, visit us at SmyleXL. It is one of the best dental clinics in Viman Nagar to deliver international standard treatments at an affordable price.

Dental Implant in Viman Nagar

A dental implant is the only permanent replacement to your missing teeth. Its like having your old tooth back. A dental implant looks exactly like your natural teeth and functions the same.


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw made from titanium which is placed in the jaw at the site of the missing teeth. The material used for a dental implant is titanium because it is a bio-compatible material. A biocompatible material doesn’t cause any irritation to the gingiva. This screw acts as the root portion of the teeth. The screw is attached to the alveolar bone by means of osseointegration. Once the screw is fully integrated into the jaw, the crown is placed on it. The crown looks exactly like a natural tooth crown.


Why Are Dental Implants Best For Missing Tooth Replacement?

Is it necessary to replace missing teeth?


What is the process for getting a dental implant?

The process to get a dental implant is a minor surgical procedure. The gingiva needs to be cut a bit to make place for insertion of the implant. Then the implant is placed inside the bone. It is not a painful procedure because the whole process is done under local anaesthesia.

In general pain occurs when there is some infection after the process. We, at SmyleXL, maintain a proper sterilised environment to avoid any sort of post-operative complications. So, you can be assured of a painless treatment here.


Is a dental implant a better alternative to the other tooth replacement options? If so, then how?

Yes, a dental implant is definitely better than any other tooth replacement modalities. A dental implant looks exactly like a natural tooth and functions the same making it a far better alternative to any other tooth replacement options available. It is a permanent solution to your missing teeth. It is just like your natural teeth. You can eat with it and take care of it by regular brushing just like your other natural teeth. You do not have to take any extra care for its maintenance.


What is the cost of a dental implant treatment?

A dental implant cost varies from 20k to 50k on an average. It is a highly specialised procedure and can be done by only special trained dental surgeons. At SmyleXL, you can get the implant at the best rate from one of the most eminent dental surgeons in town.


Is a dental implant suitable for everyone?

Dental implant is a very safe treatment option. Even then, precaution should be taken while dealing with patients with some underlying medical conditions. Precaution is always better than cure. So, it is always better to avoid any kind of surgical treatment, no matter how minor, in patients with any sort of systemic disorders.

Dental implants are a very successful treatment modality. If you have lost your teeth and want a permanent solution to it, dental implant is the treatment of choice for you. You just have to visit us at SmyleXL and get the treatment from the best dental surgeons in Viman Nagar.