It is normally seen that most food stains your teeth yellow or similar to the food colour. However there is a flipside to this as well and a good news for you all. Yes, there are certain food items specially fruits that can actually make your teeth whiter. Here is the list for you —

1. Strawberries

This one has got one of the Best whitening effects on your teeth. strawberries contains malic acid which acts as teeth whitening agent. So apart from being a good berry for your overall health, this is the bonus effect it has got. So start eating lots of strawberries and glow your smile.

2. Baking soda

This one is popularly known home remedy for teeth whitening. You can actually use the baking soda with your toothbrush and slowly brush your teeth to give the whitening effect to them. Make sure that you don’t use it more than once a week.

3. Orange and pineapple

These fruits have very high fibrous content which in turn increases the saliva in your mouth. So the fibrous nature of these fruits along with more saliva has cleansing action on your teeth and they become whiter.

4. Apple and carrot

These healthy fruits naturally remove the stains on your teeth. They are harder as compared to oranges or similar fruits and has a better cleansing action. They can also kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. So this is an additional big benefit of these fruits along with its overall benefit for your health.


To conclude – have lots of fruits, strawberries and similar food items. Apart from becoming healthy and fit you’ll also add glow to your teeth and smile by having them. A beautiful smile with pearly white teeth is the strength of your personality. Keep smiling.


Until the next time
– SmyleXL