Gum Treatment in Viman Nagar

Bleeding from gums and bad breath are a result of gum disease. If you are suffering from the same, you can now get rid of it by having a gum treatment in Viman Nagar at SmyleXL.

What is the reason behind bleeding from gums and bad breath?

Bleeding from gums and bad breath, both are a result of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a gum disease. When the food particles stick onto the tooth and gums, the bacteria act on it and forms plaque. The plaque, if not cleaned properly, hardens to form calcified deposits known as calculus. These, in turn becomes infected causing the gingiva to bleed. This condition is known as gingivitis. A proper gum treatment can cure it completely.

If it is still not treated it can lead to loosening of the teeth which is caused by the spread of infection into the underlying bones. The condition is known as periodontitis. If it is treated at the 1st stage, only oral prophylaxis is enough to restore a healthy gum. But if it progresses to the 2nd stage, sometimes a minor surgery is needed.

So, if your gum bleeds there is no need to worry. Just visit us at SmyleXL and get a gum treatment done.


How to keep your gums healthy?

5 Signs of Unhealthy Gums


What is a gum treatment?

A gum treatment is a dental procedure to treat any infection of the gums and restore a healthy gingiva. The treatment included are oral prophylaxis, curettage, gingivectomy, flap surgeries and many more dental procedures. The choice of treatment depends on the complain of the patient and his/ her dental condition.

All gum treatments are done with specialized instruments like ultrasonic scalers and lasers at our clinic. These advanced instruments don’t cause any pain and enhances the accuracy of the treatment to a large extent.


How can I know that I need a gum treatment?

If you are suffering from bad breath or bleeding from gums while brushing, then you are having a gum disease. You can then visit us at SmyleXL to get a gum treatment done.


What is the cost for a gum treatment?

The cost of a gum treatment varies from case to case depending upon the procedure required. On an average an oral prophylaxis costs 800/- to 1500/-. If the treatment requires any further sophisticated procedures it might cost around 5k-10 k depending upon the procedure required.

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