I would happily spend money on clothes or on outing but spending even half of it on dental treatments is not something I’ll be happy about. Yes, that’s true; no one would want to spend his/her hard earned money on dental treatments. And unfortunately, dental treatments are not covered under insurance in India.

Over the last 20 years I have treated thousands of patients and we have seen patients postponing dental treatments by giving various reasons. The most common reason of postponing dental treatments is that “I don’t have any pain or discomfort? After all if tooth isn’t causing me pain in day to day life, why would I prioritize it?” This is the common misconception which most people have in their mind. In that, case may be this piece of information can be very useful for you.

When it comes to treating dental damage, time is the essence. What may start as a minor dental issue can lead to major damage if left untreated? When advised dental treatment, many ignore it considering it’s expensive but remember, postponing it is actually more expensive than treatment done now. Minor tooth decay may go deeper, which might require extensive treatment, consuming more time, money and of course giving you more pain.

Many give excuse of being too busy but you need to understand that if you get your treatment done in preventative or initial stage, you can go for treatment according to your convenience unlike in case of emergency when you have developed intense pain. We are sure everyone can spare an hour on their health. We know dental treatment isn’t the most pleasant experience, especially if you have fear of needles or sharp instruments, but trust us if you don’t delay your treatment and get it done on correct time your experience would be much more better than expected.

Sometimes you may have a condition which you might not be aware of, but requires early diagnosis and treatment. Don’t forget your oral health is mirror to your overall health. Your disease might aggravate if you prolong it for long. So getting your treatment done at earliest is always a wise decision.

Having said that, some treatments can be postponed till some extent and can be done at your convenience, but it’s always advisable to get it done soon before you run out of options to save your teeth. So if you have dental needs which you have postponed, just rethink your decision! The delay might give you bigger trouble later.

So the best way to save your hard earned money & valuable time on dental treatments is “don’t let dental problems occur”. Visit your dentist every 6 months and keep yourself free from dental problems.

Until the next time