Every practising dentist face this – patient comes with dental pain, dentist examines the patient and the moment tells the patient about dental x-ray or further treatment required, patients either gets surprised or they are not willing or are reluctant to go for it. The dentist wonder why he face the situation very often in the practice and on the other hand patient wonder why any treatment is required or why can’t my dental problem be solved only using medicines? Many of the patients ask if medicine alone not enough for dental pain?

You may call this strange but as a practising dentist we have seen that many patients don’t know that it takes some kind of dental treatment to get rid of dental problem and medicines alone cannot solve your dental issue. In fact few patients misunderstand that just like the fever or common cold, the medicines should take care of dental problem.

It must be understood that your teeth are actually specific part or organ in human body and any dental problem damages the tooth physically. Once the damage is done, medicines alone cannot repair the teeth. It takes some kind of material or dental treatment to restore the tooth back to its normal function.

So if you are the one who think that only medicines can handle your dental problem, remember this is not true. It is either misconception, wrong information or assumption. Your teeth need repair from your dentist in order to get the permanent solution. Yes, medicines can give you only temporary results but only temporary one. Your dental problem needs definitive treatment of some sort to get long term results. Think about it – why on the earth we need dentists if only medicines were enough for dental problems, isn’t it?

So next time when you visit your dentist, don’t ask him whether medicines would solve your dental problem permanently but instead, ask for permanent solution which will repair your teeth back to normal in order to restore their function and beauty.

Until the next time
– SmyleXL