WE’VE ALL HEARD VARIOUS “FACTS” when it comes to our oral health—different ways to clean our teeth and gums. Scaling or teeth cleaning done by a professional is a procedure with which plaque and tartar deposits that form on the teeth are cleaned.

While plaque is a soft, sticky film that develops on the teeth containing millions of bacteria which cause tooth decay, tartar is a hardened form of plaque that develops if the plaque is not removed on time.

However there are certain myths related to cleaning of teeth. These common myths often prevent people from acting in the best interest of their dental health, causing more damage

1. Teeth cleaning will loosen my tooth.

When plaque is not removed it converts into hard deposit called tartar or calculus, this hard material starts replacing the gums and get deposited on teeth. When these elements are removed from the teeth, one feels the teeth are weakened and lose. Scaling does not weakens the teeth as they are already made weak by the deposit of calculus.

2. Cleaning makes my teeth sensitive.

As mentioned earlier calculus forms around the teeth and replaces the gums, when calculus is removed, teeth get exposed to oral environment, which can cause a temporary sensitivity, which disappears in couple of days.

3. Teeth cleaning causes gap in my tooth.

When gum disease is increasing, the hard calculus forms in between the teeth too, while scaling this harmful calculus is removed, so the gap which was already created by calculus get visible after scaling, so basically it’s not the scaling which creates gap but not getting it cleaned since long causes the gap.

4. Teeth cleaning damages surface of my teeth.

Teeth cleaning can never damage enamel which is outer surface of teeth if done by proper instruments. Scaling is done by ultrasonic scaler which just clean deposit n stains above the tooth.

One should get professional cleaning done by a dentist with a proper ultrasonic scaler. Dental care and hygiene are important subjects. False information like this is dangerous because it keeps people from taking care of themselves as well as they should be. We’ve loved busting these oral health myths so that you have the best and most accurate information out there. If you have any more queries do call or visit us.

Until the next time