Wisdom Tooth Removal

In the recent times, you might as well have seen that wisdom teeth problems have increased. Many around us suffers from partially erupted or angulated wisdom teeth causing severe pain leaving dentists with no other choice but to remove them. Apart from pain relief, such problematic teeth needs removal as it causes damage to adjacent teeth.

The Process of Tooth removal

Step 1: A detailed exam or X-rays will be done to ensure an extraction is necessary and cannot be fixed with a crown, filling, or other treatment.

Step 2: The proper anesthetic will be given so that the area will be numb so as to have painless procedure.

Step 3: The tooth is skillfully removed by dental expert. Sometimes, a difficult tooth needs a small procedure for removal.

Step 4: Post-operative instructions and medication are given to the patient


Healing and Home Care

Pain control. Take regular medicines as prescribed by your dentist.

Eating. Soft, cold foods are recommended for a couple of days after the extraction. Try to avoid using straws as the sucking motion can complicate the healing process.

Cleaning. We recommend brushing as usual and warm saline gargles to keep the wound clean. Smoking should be refrained from for 24-72 hours.

Swelling. Ice pack may help reduce any swelling which normally subsides in few days post extraction.

It’s extremely important to follow after-care directions to prevent any complications.

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