Teeth Cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning and polishing is done to eliminate the dental problems such as gum disease, cavity, sensitivity, and tooth loss. If proper oral hygiene not taken, a thin Bio-film forms on teeth called “Plaque” which later on calcified and become hard known as “Calculus” which damages the gums, teeth and underlying bone. It is very necessary cleaning your teeth by professionally for a healthy mouth.

When we eat something, and we do not clean our mouth properly, then there will be a chance of having oral problems due to an accumulation of the plaque bacteria. Every person should visit the dentist at least two times in a year for oral screening and teeth cleaning. Also, preventive care to be taken to maintaining good oral health.

The dentist will clean your teeth professionally with the help of ultrasonic scaler, which removes hard deposits such as calculus, plaque, and stains from the teeth. After cleaning, the dentist will advice how to maintain good oral hygiene, right brushing technique you need to follow every day. Also, use mouthwash prescribed by your dentist. Do not skip your dental appointment.