It is said that never judge a book by its cover but unfortunately many of us do the same. As per a recent survey, “smile” is the first thing 47% people notice when they look at you!



Here are a few examples of how teeth affect our self-esteem and self-image.

A missing tooth can make you hide your smile or hesitant to speak socially. It may also make you look older as facial features changes with the gaps in front teeth or sinking cheeks.

Irregular or crooked teeth may lead to social anxiety which needs immediate dental treatment.

Even children are not immune to this as it may lead to shyness, isolation, teasing by friends or reluctance to participate in school activities.

Here are some points to self analyze your smile.

Do your front teeth have gaps?
Are your teeth aligned properly?
Do you wish whiter teeth?
Too much gums visible?

Smile Big, SmyleXL

Now you must have understood how bright & white smile makes people feel good about themselves, boosting their confidence and restoring smiles.

We have seen many people coming to SmyleXL with crooked, stained, chipped or missing teeth and seek help to improve their smile. Although it is a cosmetic issue for many of them, the underlying effect is much deeper. Low self-esteem often leads to poor self-image which can ultimately cause depression and a decline in your overall health.

If you have a similar issue with your smile, don’t neglect it! Just go ahead and book Free Appointment now to get guidance from SmyleXL Experts!