The world belongs to “Beautiful Smiles”. Look at any TV Commercials, Magazines, Billboards everywhere you will notice those “Picture Perfect” smiles.

And sometimes it may feel intimidating and isolating if your teeth fall short of that. But let me tell you a fact, having crooked teeth, is actually more common than having beautiful white shining teeth that are aligned properly.

The good news is that almost everyone can have a beautiful smile but 1st you need to understand what’s the reason behind your crooked teeth.


Here is the list of some common causes of crooked teeth..

1. Genetic – Yes, your parents could pass you crooked teeth

2. Jaw sizes – Evolution has collectively reduced jaw size which cannot accommodates all teeth. Also misaligned jaws can lead to abnormal teeth positioning

3. Habits – Habits like thumb sucking,  tongue thrusting, mouth breathing etc can lead to crooked teeth

4. Injuries – Any type of facial trauma such as jaw injury or teeth injury can cause teeth to move leading to crooked teeth

5. Decayed teeth – If you lose your teeth prematurely due to trauma, decay or any other factors others teeth are likely to shift in that place.

6. Spacing – If child is having less space in milk teeth, chances are their permanent teeth may not accommodate in jaw leading to crowding.

7. Poor dental care – Poor hygiene and not having checked your teeth in regular interval from dentist may lead to gum disease leading to movement of teeth.

Having crooked teeth is ok but not getting them corrected is a compromise..

1. Crooked teeth are difficult to brush causing decay and gum diseases leading to infection.
2. You may also feel interference during chewing food.
3. It makes you self-conscious about your appearance
4. Severally crooked can also cause “Jaw Pain”


Now if you ask me, if there’s solution for crooked teeth. My answer is “Yes!! There are plenty of solutions.” Let’s have a look at the possibilities.

1. During Childhood: If crooked teeth are diagnosed in early age it can be treated without braces, may be some simple removable mouth appliance will do the job. Your dentist will be best person to suggest you for this.

2. During Teenage: Braces is one of the best option if you want to correct your smile. It can be done at any age provided your gums and teeth are strong. The best thing is that there are different kinds of braces available to suit your needs e.g metal braces, tooth-coloured braces, invisible braces etc.

3. At Any Age: If braces don’t suit you as the option then “Veneers” is one of the best possibilities. It’s literally a magical tooth coloured covering on your teeth that makes your smile naturally beautiful. The treatment can be over within few days.

Crooked teeth is one of the common problems faced by children and adults. Proper oral hygiene, Regular visits to dentist can prevent and cure your problem permanently giving you a confident smile forever.

To Know If Your Child Need Braces Or Not?

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