When you smile, does the pink gums are more visible instead of your pearly white? Do you feel your front teeth look smaller and not so visible when you smile? If your answer is yes then you have gummy smile. So what exactly is gummy smile? Gummy smile also known as excessive display of your gums, especially under the upper lip. In such cases, entire tooth length of upper teeth is visible along with a big band of gums during the sustained smiling and it doesn’t look good for sure. Gummy smile is an embarrassment for many who have it.


So what causes gummy smile? Following are the common causes –

1. The commonest cause is the overgrowth of the upper jaw that makes gums bulge out. This happens during the growing age of kids

2. Sometimes Gums get long or enlarged (known as gingival hypertrophy) it can be due to infection, medication, hereditary etc. Teeth covered by excessive gum tissue appear short, even though they may actually be the proper length.

3. Abnormally short front teeth because of improper eruption, developmental disorder, wear of teeth or genetics

4. In Few individuals, muscle that controls the movement of your upper lip could be hyperactive, causing your upper lip to rise up higher than normal. When this occurs, more of your gum tissue is exposed when you smile.

5. If Upper lip length is thin it increases the visibility of the teeth at rest, making it gummy.


Because it doesn’t appear good, it is ideal if we can prevent it. Here’re few ways you can prevent gummy smile –


The ideal age for prevention is between 8 to 12 years when child is in growing phase. You need to visit your dentist and under his guidance the child needs to wear an appliance in the mouth.


As far as treatment part is concerned, the following are the commonest options –


• Visit your dentist regularly, check on gums disease by regular check up and care can prevent gummy smile.

• The fastest and easiest way to correct gummy smile is using Botox. The Botox injection need to be taken every 6 months and gives excellent results.

• The more invasive way is correction of gummy smile by surgery. Your dentist is the best person to guide you on this.

So if you have gummy smile, consult a good dentist and take appropriate treatment to convert your gummy smile into beautiful pearly smile.


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– SmyleXl