Are your child’s teeth not in proper alignment?  Do you feel your child require braces, but you are not sure about right age for getting braces? Then this write up may help you to solve your queries.

Braces solve multiple teeth problem, like teeth crowding, missing or extra teeth,  spacing in between teeth, improper bite. It Is not easy to judged this problems till we have milk teeth or mixed teeth in our mouth .The truth is that, as kids, we find our mouths continually changing. Our jaws lengthen, and our mouth area grows and expands. Baby teeth are lost, and permanent teeth start to appear. So after milk teeth shed and permanent teeth are erupted, braces or orthodontic treatment can be started. This usually happens around 11- 14 year of age. It is an ideal age while the head and mouth are still growing and teeth are more conducive to straightening. After certain age even children get reluctant for braces as it hampers there look temporarily and realize it’s importance only after they are adults.
Although childhood is good time to make changes to mouth and jaw, the good news is there is no age limit for braces. Now with development in technique braces can be applied at any age provided your gums and bones are healthy.
There are few cases where you need to approach a dentist at an early age. If you see there is any irregular, assymetrical or very slow development of jaws of your child e.g. upper or lower bone is to short or too big,  jaw is placed too outward or inward then your kid may have to visit your dentist at as early as 6- 7 years of age.
Habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, incorrect tongue positioning can also alter appearance of jaw. This can be corrected with Myofunctional appliances if approached at an early age, which in later stage can be corrected only through surgery.
If you consider these factors, we are sure it would help you to determine right age for braces for either yourself, your kid or someone in your family.
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