Teething is one of the most important step in the overall growth and development of your child. Not only does the milk teeth lay down the foundation for growing the jaw bones for the permanent teeth but also helps in developing the speech and chewing habit in your kid.

At around the age of 6 months The milk teeth starts erupting in the mouth and this continues for around 18 months. Till the age of 2 years, all 20 milk teeth erupts in the kid’s mouth.

During this period, there’re different signs you will observe just before and as the milk teeth starts erupting in the kid’s mouth. They include-

1. Irritability
2. Fussiness
3. More drooling of saliva
4. Less sleep
5. Decrease in appetite

Few kids also did mild to moderate fever and sometimes have diarrhoea. However it is important to understand that all this things are absolutely normal and there is nothing much to worry about the same. So if you find these signs at that age, don’t panic and ensure the following precautions are taken properly.
1. Gently press and massage the gums of your kid. This helps in reducing the pain as well as prepare the gums for the erupting teeth.

2. Give your child a soft and good quality teether to bite on because as the milk teeth starts erupting in the
mouth your child will get the urge for chewing or biting on something for all the time.

3. Diarrhoea or mild fever can be observed and if it is severe, you can visit your paediatrician. Homeopathic
medicine also helps in smoothing the milk teeth eruption process.

Remember that every stage in the overall growth of your kid is important and instead of getting worried or panicking about it, start enjoying every little step as your infant grows with time.

Until the next time