Invisible braces and is basically a type of treatment is done to correct crooked teeth, crowded teeth, Spaces between the teeth and to properly a lie in the teeth in order to create beautiful smile. Invisible braces are set of trays that looks like transparent or clear plastic that are given to the patients by their dentist orthodontist to bring the teeth in proper alignment and desired position.

Invisible braces, also called as aligners is a substitute for metal or ceramic braces conventionally used in orthodontic dental treatment. The tray covers only the ground surface of the teeth and patients can wear them all the time except while eating. It is because they are made from absolute clear transparent material, eyeliners are normally not visible from a distance and therefore they are also called as invisible braces.

Because of its non-visibility during the treatment, aligners has become a very popular and common mode of orthodontic treatment in modern times. The good news is that with the recent advances in the aligners and more and more companies coming into the market, the cost of aligners has gone down very affordable level for the patients which makes it even more common and popular choice of braces treatment.

Few precautions which patient has to take while using eyeliners are –

  • 1. Never eat with the aligners in mouth
  • 2. Keep the aligners clean all the time
  • 3. At the start of the treatment, aligners can cause some discomfort, teeth sensitivity and even nausea in some patients. however once you get used to the aligners, they are very easy to wear and take off and patients become comfortable with it.

One of the most popular aligners are Invisalign and clear path aligners. So if you want to or if you need braces treatment, you can ask for more information about invisible braces or aligners to your dentist. As we see new advances and technologies in every field, dentistry is definitely keeping the peace with it. Invisible braces or aligners is definitely a boon for dental patients.

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